“Annabel and her team at DTFL give us great flexibility of secretarial resource and always provide a speedy, accurate and efficient response to our requirements; they are an indispensible part of our team enabling us to deliver with their help the rapid and professional service required by our commercial clients.”

Commercial Property Lawyers, Oxfordshire

What are the benefits of DTFL’s digital transcription service?

Using DTFL’s legal typing and digital transcription service enables you to increase your productivity and increase your profits:

  • All work received by 1.00pm guaranteed completed and returned the same day – although we aim to get work received after that time back to you.
  • Increasing the number of fee earners without needing to increase the number of secretaries.
  • Freeing up your secretaries’ time to help with more administration and fee-earning work.
  • Avoiding the need to continually train temporary staff.
  • Eliminating the cost of temps/agency fees.
  • Reducing your dependency on pool typists and/or floats.
  • Cutting the costs of staff turnover.
  • Only paying for the work you send – no fixed costs or retainers during quiet periods.
  • No holiday/sick pay.
  • Reducing the cost of software licences – the software is our responsibility.
  • No monthly or minimum fees and no contract.

Legal digital transcription service

A team of qualified and experienced UK-based legal secretaries will transcribe all your correspondence, attendance/file notes, statements and any other documents you wish us to produce. All secretaries have advanced word processing skills including index and tables, footnotes, cross-referencing, styles and automatic paragraph numbering – essential for a legal digital transcription service.

If you use Digital Transcription for Lawyers (DTFL) regularly for your correspondence, court headings, names and addresses need only to be dictated once – as you would to your own secretary.

DTFL uses online checks to ensure correct addresses and/or company names, including completing missing or incomplete postcodes.

Legal forms

DTFL uses the Government’s website for all forms.

Templates and standard documents/paragraphs

If you do not have templates, send in samples of finished work and DTFL will create templates for you at no additional charge.

If you have standard documents and/or standard clauses for a Consent Order or a Will that you would like us to use, DTFL can index them and you then need only dictate the document or clause number and field information therefore saving you time and money.

Conference and interview transcription

DTFL can transcribe conferences and interviews supplied in digital format. The cost of this type of digital transcription service depends on the clarity of the recording, number of participants and length of recording. Please note this is not a “same day turnaround”.

Do you need confidentiality?, reliability?, same day turnaround? Get in touch today.