“I have been so impressed with the professionalism and speed that DTFL offer. I have worked with a number of digital dictation services over time, but none has really been able to deliver what they promise. DTFL really do what they say they do. My clients are really impressed with how quickly their work is turned around. I am amazed at how much time this service saves me. In a world when we are all used to doing at least some of our own typing it comes as a surprise when you see it done quickly, efficiently and accurately. A fantastic service – what more could anyone want?”

Solicitor and Mediator

Who are Digital Transcription for Lawyers (DTFL)?

Digital Transcription for Lawyers (DTFL) was established by Annabel Hurdman in 2003, specifically to offer digital transcription services to the legal profession.

Annabel has more than 30 years’ experience as a legal secretary covering crime, family, child law, personal injury, human rights, court martial, company commercial, conveyancing, marine and probate.

In 2003, Annabel saw the potential for a fast and accurate transcription service for law firms that capitalised on the ease of sharing digital files. She developed DTFL as a flexible and user-friendly legal typing and transcription service that produces work in pre-agreed, bespoke client templates.

What does Digital Transcription for Lawyers (DTFL) offer?

DTFL uses a pool of experienced UK legal secretaries. All are personally vetted and tested by Annabel and meet the rigorous standards for transcription quality, accuracy and expertise for which DTFL has become renowned. Having a pool of ‘standby’ secretaries ensures that there are always enough secretaries to meet the demand. It is one of the reasons why DTFL can guarantee that all sound files received by 1.00pm will be transcribed and returned the same day.

Since DTFL was established, the company has expanded rapidly, largely through word of mouth and enquiries through its website. However, Annabel has made great efforts to ensure that the company retains the personal touch which has proved popular with clients and provided the foundation for its success to date.

Why Digital Transcription for Lawyers (DTFL)?

The DTFL team pride themselves not only on their speed, but also on the accuracy of the transcriptions, which are monitored and checked by the company’s quality control staff. All work is treated as confidential and is transcribed using your own templates, or templates created for you by DTFL.

The company’s working hours – 7.00am to 7.00pm – enable it to guarantee industry-leading transcription turnaround times. All sound files received by 1.00pm are transcribed and returned the same day. Sound files received after 1.00pm will be returned the following morning, although most sound files sent after 1.00pm are still returned the same day. Urgent sound files are transcribed immediately.

The responsiveness, reliability and flexibility of DTFL has helped to make it one of the fastest growing companies in its market. It provides an invaluable, cost-effective legal typing and digital transcription service across the legal spectrum, not only for lawyers, but also others in the legal field, such as Barristers’ Chambers, the Police, Probation Service, Crown Prosecution Service, expert witnesses, Independent Social Workers, etc. Whether you are a sole practitioner, a small, medium or large firm, DTFL can help – the service is available on demand and comes at a fraction of the cost of secretarial staff.

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