What are the benefits of DTFL’s digital transcription service?

Increase productivity and profits.  The benefits of outsourcing your dictation to DTFL’s legal digital transcription service will do just that.  DTFL will increase your productivity and increase your profits.

  • All digital dictation received by 1.00pm guaranteed completed and returned the same day.  We aim to get work received after that time back to you but it is not guaranteed.
  • Increase the number of fee earners without needing to increase the number of secretaries.
  • Free up your secretaries’ time to help with more administration and fee-earning work.
  • Avoid the need to continually train temporary staff – once we have your templates no training is required.
  • Eliminate the cost of temps/agency fees.
  • Reduce your dependency on pool legal audio typists and/or floats.
  • Cut the costs of staff turnover.
  • Only pay for the work you send – no fixed costs or retainers during quiet periods.
  • No holiday/sick pay.
  • Reduce the cost of software licences – the software is our responsibility.
  • No monthly or minimum fees and no contract – send in dictation as and when you need to.

Outsource typing -v- fee earners doing their own typing?

Did you know that half an hour of dictation takes an experienced legal typist up to two hours to type and proofread.  This does depend upon the clarity of the audio.
Olympus handset used for dictating
Do you have a fee earner who spends two hours a day typing their own emails and documents?

Firstly, the fee earner would not be able to type as quickly as an experienced typist so would not produce as many documents.  Secondly, that fee earner is losing out on one and a half hours in chargeable time a day.

Imagine what that adds up to over a year.  The more fee earners are typing their own documents and emails, the more productivity and profit the practice is losing.

As experienced legal typists, the Digital Transcription for Lawyers’ team understand the terminology and the layout of legal documents, for example Practice Direction documents.

The team also have advanced word processing skills.  These include index and tables, footnotes, cross-references, styles and automatic paragraph numbering – essential for a legal digital transcription service.

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Some of our Reviews

“Annabel and her team at DTFL give us great flexibility of secretarial resource and always provide a speedy, accurate and efficient response to our requirements; they are an indispensible part of our team enabling us to deliver with their help the rapid and professional service required by our commercial clients.”

Commercial Property Lawyers, Oxfordshire

“I have been so impressed with the professionalism and speed that DTFL offer.  I have worked with a number of digital dictation services over time, but none has really been able to deliver whey they promise.  DTFL really do what they say they do.  My clients are really impressed with how quickly their work is turned around.  I am amazed at how much time this service saves me.  In a world when we are all used to doing at least some of our own typing it comes as a surprise when you see it done quickly, efficiently and accurately.  A fantastic service – what more could anyone want?”

Solicitor and Mediator

“We have been using DTFL for over eight years now.  They have reduced the need for in-house secretaries considerably, at a fraction of the cost.  With a one hour turn around, accurate transcription and an “as and when we need service”, we have not looked back.  We are happy to recommend them.”

Multi-Disciplinary Law Firm, Hertfordshire

“We have worked with Digital Transcription for Lawyers for approximately 10 years and we have always found them very personable, helpful and above all efficient with an ability to turn work around accurately and on time!”

Multi-Disciplinary Law Firm, Sheffield

“Finding DTFL has revolutionised my work.  Access to such a reliable, efficient and cost effective transcription service has significantly reduced the pressure on my time.  I have come to rely on this service as I am confident that work will be completed accurately and quickly, which is crucial as I have tight court deadlines to meet.”

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Bury

“DTFL has been a revelation.  The standard of their typing and the speed of their response has changed the way that chambers can function.  We would now be lost without them.  All members of chambers that use the facility have been similarly stunned.  We could not recommend the service more sincerely”

Chambers, Civil and Public Law, Cardiff

"Annabel and her Team provide a flawless service.  The work is meticulously accurate and beautifully formatted and comes back straight away.  I cannot recommend DTFL highly enough nor is it possible to imagine any way in which their service could be improved upon"

Family Law Solicitors, London WC1

"Life in the office is fast and hard.  We could not meet the needs of our clients without the services of DTFL who are always there whether it be to cope with a crisis quickly or deal with the daily deluge of correspondence."

Family Law Practice, Birmingham

"We have been using DTFL for well over a year now.  We have found DTFL, and in particular Annabel, to be exceptional.  Their service is excellent both in accuracy and speed.  Many of our documents are lengthy and having such accurate transcription of our dictation makes our lives easier and our client service better.  I cannot recommend Annabel and DTFL highly enough."

Specialist Employment Law Solicitors, Lincolnshire

“I have worked with Annabel and the team at DTFL for many years.  The service is professional but personal.  Annabel takes great pride in her business and the service that she provides.  The work is of a very high quality.  The typing is very accurate which is impressive as the turnaround time from sending the sound files for typing to the finished product is very fast indeed.  I would not hesitate to recommend DTFL as an outsourcing service to lawyers as a replacement for or as a supplement to an inhouse typing team.”

Family Law and Divorce Solicitors, Essex

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