"We have been using DTFL for over eight years now. They have reduced the need for in-house secretaries considerably, at a fraction of the cost. With a one hour turn around, accurate transcription and an "as and when we need service", we have not looked back. We are happy to recommend them."

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Best Endeavours

Digital Transcription for Lawyers (DTFL) will use best endeavours to transcribe accurately any audio supplied by the client. In the event that DTFL is unclear of either a word, sentence or any other request dictated by the client, we will highlight this appropriately in the document. Final proofreading, checking or editing always remains the responsibility of the client and DTFL will not be held liable for any use of said documents by the client. [Unclear or inaudible words] are indicated with square brackets and so that any potential misunderstandings are flagged immediately to the original author, we clearly indicate any words for which we are not 100% certain; that is, our principle is that we err on the side of caution.

Where the quality of the service falls below the standard expected of a professional legal transcription service exercising due skill and care, DTFL undertakes within its discretion to re-transcribe any particular document in question without cost, or to refund the cost of such document.

Force Majeure

In the event of circumstances beyond the control of DTFL will be entitled to delay or suspend its service without penalty, but will continue to work closely with the client to minimise business disruption where possible. Circumstances beyond our control include, but are not limited to, strikes, accidents, fire, loss of power or breakdown of equipment or inability to access the Internet at either client or DTFL’s locations.

Confidentiality, Security, and Privacy

All transcriptionists have signed Confidentiality Agreements. A copy will be provided on request.
30 days from payment of invoice by the client, all historic audio and word documents are purged from our system unless requested otherwise; payment of invoice is considered acceptance of billing.
We use secure transmission (128 bit SSL encryption) for the delivery and/or transmission of all audio and documents.

We will only disclose client confidential information if required under law or as necessary to fulfil our obligations.

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